Reflections in a kilt

Reflections in a kilt

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This weblog is mainly to describe slices-of-life in a kilt and with the objective, of course, that more men shall make the kilt a valuable addition to their wardrobe.

The more we are the easier it is.

The kilt is alive

Kilt wearingPosted by Greg Mon, July 14, 2014 04:58:41

For the Scottish participants of the upcoming Commonwealth Games a special orange/light blue tartan has been created. It is to be used for kilts to be worn by the men and for capes for the women during the opening ceremony.

Together with the kilt the men will wear patterned light blue shirts – equalizing the dresses for the female participants – yellow/brownish kilt hose, flashes in the kilt tartan, and brown sporrans and shoes, but, unfortunately, no belt and buckle.

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

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